Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bull City Summer - a test drive

Some of the best writing about Bulls baseball emanates from the notepad and keyboard of Adam Sobsey of the Independent Weekly and He's always insightful and often artful.

Sam Stephenson (of the Jazz Loft Project) has corralled Adam and a group of outstanding photographers for his latest endeavor: Bull City Summer | A Season at the Ballpark.

They are chronicling our last homestand in print and pictures. It's a test run for an in-depth look at the team across the 2012 season...that will hopefully become a book and exhibition.

You can get a taste of it now at; click here. This photo was contributed by Chicago photographer Kate Joyce as she roams the DBAP this week...

At some point in the middle of the game I realized that every walk of life within a 30-mile radius was represented in the stadium that day. White people, African-American, Latino, Asian, and seemingly every income level, and all ages. I wondered, what other buildings in the Triangle see this mix of people passing through and sticking around? The mall, perhaps, but the mall is a chaotic and crass commercial environment. This was different. There's a retreat quality to baseball; its home is called a park for a reason. The game on the field is untimed, offering a more natural rhythm than other team sports. (Sam Stephenson writing about the DBAP.)