Monday, November 14, 2011

Bullish on Regional Rail

In this lean, mean economy, it’s hard to tell which way the political winds are blowing.

You may be surprised to learn that Durham voters approved a sales tax last week. Some of the proceeds are designated for mass transit. And the transit tax was championed by the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce, an unlikely proponent of taxation.

It turns out the Chamber was in sync with the voters - looking ahead to better times with a vision for improved bus service and the possibility of commuter rail. Congratz to Durham voters, our political leaders and the Chamber. They’re setting the pace for RDU.

Durham and neighboring Wake County share the same roads - lots of sharing on Interstate 40 - but we don’t share a vision for regional transpo at present. There is a worthwhile story in the News & Observer today about this challenge; CLICK HERE.

I suppose that I’m part of the Triangle’s traffic problem. I log over 25,000 automobile miles per year between the Durham ballpark and our three Raleigh locations. There must be a better way!?!

The DBAP is on the proposed rail line. All aboard!