Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bullish on HD Radio

This is complicated. Bear with me... 

99.9 The Fan (WCMC-FM) has expanded its HD Radio footprint in the Triangle, and with an HD Radio you can hear Bulls play-by-play broadcasts on the FM band.

Bulls flagship station 620 The Buzz (WDNC-AM) is simulcast on WCMC's HD-2 channel. I know it seems byzantine, but with an HD Radio, it's effortless. I just had this Kenwood HD rig installed in my car. 

This coverage map shows our HD-2 (620 The Buzz) coverage compared to WDNC's night-time signal. Bulls broadcasts on WDNC are pretty much restricted to Durham County at night. On HD, however, you can hear the Bulls across Wake County and beyond. The sound quality - digital - is greatly improved, too.

This is a palm-size, portable HD radio. I bought it at Best Buy for about fifty bucks. I've got three HD radios now...seems to be an obsession.