Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sports Radio Growth Curve

The Raleigh-Durham radio market is ranked 42nd in the country, but 99.9 The Fan is in the Top Ten among sports stations in the U.S.

Capitol Broadcasting Co.'s sports-talk FM is tied for ninth place with stations in Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Take a look at the list of October Arbitron ratings - researched by Clay Travis for the Outkick the Coverage website.

Even though our community's only major league sport is on hold due to NHL labor-management strife, college sports sustains us. The Triangle is unique in that regard with NC State, UNC and Duke within its boundaries. (And it's getting even better now that NC Central has moved up to Division I.)

I compiled these stats a few seasons ago, but they remain relevant:
  • 72,000 students are enrolled at the three ACC universities in our market. 
  • The schools employ more than 80,000 citizens.
  • Fold in the local membership of booster clubs and alumni associations and more than a quarter million people maintain strong ties to one of the three universities. 
  • More than 1.7 million people attend a college sports event in the Triangle annually. 
Regarding the last factoid, that's like recruiting a mid-tier NFL, NBA and MLS franchise to Raleigh-Durham! This is a great market for sports, and its energy comes from college sports.

Still, I wish the NHL player lock-out would end this month. I recommend our talk show host Mike Maniscalco's blog on the subject.