Sunday, February 10, 2013

Launching Pad

During the baseball season about 150 people work at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. The permanent staff, however, totals a mere 25.  

With that small group of full-timers a career path in our front office is not available to everyone. For many, a first or second job at the Durham Bulls is their launching pad. (The baseball farm team analogy would be appropriate here, but I'm partial to launching pad!)

Our alumni club is impressive: A former Assistant GM is the president of a NASCAR speedway. Two of our sales managers went to the NHL. Last year, our long-time AGM, Jon Bishop, went to the NBA league office. Broadcaster Neil Solondz joined the Tampa Bay Rays staff, and our corporate sales director Chris Overby moved up within Capitol to the CBC New Media Group.

I will admit that this level of upward mobility can be an internal challenge, but you have to feel good about the launching pad effect - about the training and the career prep we provide.

All of the above is the countdown to yet another launch: Molly Boyce is leaving us for the NBA Houston Rockets. She will be the team's Partnership Activation Manager, and she begins work there during NBA All-Star Week!

With our Business Manager, Rhonda Carlile, 
at Molly's Leadership Triangle graduation.
Molly was the Bulls' Sponsorship Services Manager, but she may be best known for appearing (with her twin sister) in University Ford-Kia tv and radio spots.

Her very classy parting shot: “I grew up both professionally and personally over the past five seasons with the Durham Bulls and wouldn’t be anywhere without them. My co-workers are as close as you can get to brothers and sisters...and I will always be a Bull, no matter where life takes me next.”

Godspeed, Molly. You did an incredi-BULL job!