Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Prayer for the Ballpark

Today is the National Day of Prayer, and I want to share our 2013 Opening Day invocation from the Rev. Ed Priestaf, Pastor of McMannen United Methodist Church in Durham. These sentiments are appropriate, not just for Opening Day, but for every day!

O God,  giver of every good and perfect gift, we thank you for the gift of this night.

We ask your blessing upon all who gather here, and upon all who make it possible to enjoy this Durham Bulls season: for the administration, for the volunteers, and for all who labor unseen hours for our common good.  We pray especially for the players, coaches, and umpires and their families - may they be kept safe and well. 

We pray that these players will be inspired by you, and will inspire the countless fans who watch them: with their talents used in cooperation with others, with their strong resolve to never give up should they fall behind, and with the sportsmanship and respect they show in victory or defeat. These players have come from many places to work and play together in a spirit of goodwill; may our world learn from their example.

It is in your holy name that we pray, trusting and believing together with all our hearts that no voice is too small to be heard by you. Amen.