Saturday, September 28, 2013

The off-season is on!

It was a season to remember: 
  • Watching Will Myers and Chis Archer promoted to Tampa Bay
  • Retiring Chipper Jones’ jersey number
  • Strong attendance despite soggy weather
  • Record apparel sales
  • A League Championship!!!
Thanks for your patronage, and I just saw the TV ratings for the Triple-A National Championship Game. Over 114,000 of you were watching - better than any other TV market in the nation! Again, we appreciate your support of the team and our business.

The off-season will be memorable, too. A $17 million dollar renovation is underway, and we have vacated the premises for the winter.

We have moved out of the store and offices, temporarily relocating 
to the 1st floor of the Diamond View I building.

The Blue Monster video screen will be replaced 
 by a 3X larger HD display.

The old school signs have been removed from the outfield wall. 
New video screens will be installed this winter.

When we return next April, in addition to the video screen improvements, you will notice…
  • New turf, drainage and irrigation systems
  • New field lighting
  • New seats
  • New terrace boxes in the outfield section
  • Revamped concessions with new food & beverage offerings
  • A new club for season ticket holders 
I didn't want you to think we were relaxin' during the off-season. There's work to be done!

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