Thursday, June 18, 2015


This is one for the highlight reel. Our FM sports-talk station, 99.9 The Fan, was recognized as large market station of the year by the NC Association of Broadcasters at its conference in Greensboro on Tuesday. This is a first for a sports station in our state. Quite an honor! What was once a niche format is now considered mainstream. Country and rock stations once ruled the roost among male radio listeners - now it's sports! Enough braggin'. A confession is in order:

Lacking his visionary instincts, I persuaded our CEO Jim Goodmon not to do a sports station in the winter of 2007. But I remember the u-turn vividly. I was in Atlanta visiting my daughter in the summer of 2007. Jim called with marching orders. We were going to put a sports format on 99.9 (which was country at the time) and he gave me sixty days to make the transition. I negotiated for ninety. The call ended, three months of madness ensued, and The Fan premiered at 3pm on October 10, 2007.

Since then, we affiliated with ESPN, launched the website, moved our tower, increased our power, acquired the Buzz, added Internet streaming, HD radio and a sports app. My hair grows increasing gray! 

Congratulations to Jim Goodmon, our General Manager Brian Maloney, operations/programming chief Dennis Glasgow and the entire sports radio team. I'm basking in the glow of your vision, talent, dedication and success.