Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cam I Am

I am riding high on Cam Newton's band wagon. He's a polarizing sports celebrity, and that's fodder for our CBC sports radio stations, 99.9 The Fan & Buzz Sports Radio. Having listened morning, noon and night - they pay me to listen to the radio - I've decided that it's all good.  

Some people prefer a scowling warrior, others like a cerebral QB, but I'll take the dabbing showman of the end zone. 

The stakes are high, the pressure is intense, yet Cam plays with joy. That's worthy of applause, not critique. Join the dance! (I sure hope my joy is palpable Monday morning!?!)

Adam & Joe had a contest, soliciting fan letters to Cam, on 99.9 The Fan. Mark Stewart, cleverly riffing on Dr. Seuss, won NFC Championship tickets with this poem; an excerpt... 

If you get to the Super Bowl,
I will root for you
Heart and soul. 

We can win the
Super Bowl with Cam.
We can win it
Cam I am. 

We can win it with the MVP.
We can win with River Boat, you'll see.
We can win it in the box.
We can win without John Fox.
We can win it in the house,
That was named after Levi Strauss.
We can win it in Santa Clara.
We can win it in this era! 

We will win the Super Bowl with Cam!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Cam I am!

Adam and Joe on "Newton's first law of celebrity"
with TV5's Jeff Gravley. Click for video.

We have #sb50 on both WRAL TV5 and 99.9 The Fan Sunday evening, and speaking of Panthers' fodder, spend some time on Check out the Our Take section. You'll be smarter than a talk show host at your Super Bowl party! Keep Pounding.