Thursday, March 31, 2016

$2,000,000 Baseball Card

Did the title get your attention? Mission accomplished.

Baseball cards were invented over 100 years ago right here in Durham! sell tobacco! (The most heralded card, circa 1910, bears the likeness of Pittsburgh's Honus Wagner. It sold at auction for over two million dollars!)

This deserves some hometown attention. And the Museum of Durham History is mounting a unique baseball card exhibit here at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park and in their own space at 500 West Main, timed for Opening Day 2016. Check out their website for details. 

Here at the DBAP, the Museum has created a display for our food court. That's taking history to the people!

A shout-out to Katie Spencer, Executive Director of the Museum of Durham History, and Board Member Renee Synderman for bringing us this idea...for putting a contemporary twist on century-old subject matter. We got caught up in their enthusiasm and provided a grant for the exhibition.