Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bulls in Baghdad

From the Green Zone...

We've got uniforms, helmets and bases...but we're just playing a game in Durham. It's quite the opposite in Iraq. Bulls' GM Mike Birling recently received this photo and note:

Dear Mr. Birling,

One of my section sergeants received a jersey from his father about a month ago. On a trip to Baghdad into the Green Zone, we stopped by and took a few photos by the Iraq-Iran War Memorial. SSG Mark Kingsley thought you all would love to know that the Bulls have fans all over the world. Hope you all like the pic.


SFC Bradley C. Palmer

Platoon Leader

HHC 252 CAB 30 HBCT Scout Platoon

North Carolina National Guard

FOB Falcon, Iraq

...and Sergeant Palmer, please know that you and your fellow soldiers have fans in Durham, NC! The Durham Bulls honor your commitment, sacrifice and courage.