Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tough Guys - very tough guys.

This is my favorite picture of the 2009 season: Bulls’ catcher Craig Albernaz and six year old Bo Baker. Craig’s cranium is buffed up to accommodate his protective headgear. Bo is another story.

In February doctors discovered a stage III tumor on Bo’s kidney. It cost him the kidney and six months of his childhood as he underwent regular chemo sessions at UNC.

Happy ending: Bo is cancer free and his last chemo appointment was Friday!

Bo was at the DBAP on Saturday, August 8th for “Strike Out Childhood Cancer Night” sponsored by Rock Against Cancer. Bo and other kids with cancer stood with players on the field for the National Anthem.

Bo - who wears a “Super Bo” cape to his chemo treatments - has been an inspiration. The same holds true for his parents, Amy and Rob. (Amy works for Capitol at Wolfpack Sports Marketing.) Amy has blogged regularly during their family’s ordeal. Paradoxically, as we have prayed for Bo, Amy has encouraged us with her uplifting family chronicle. Her faith shines through…on all of us!