Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dispatch from Tobacco Road

The ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament returned to Greensboro this past weekend. I would have preferred a more exotic location, but the hoops purists were delighted to be in the Greensboro Coliseum. (The pomegranate martini at the Liberty Oak restaurant was pretty exotic, though.)

I drove to Greensboro 4x - on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (I’m embarrassed by my carbon footprint.) I wasn’t planning to be so diligent in my attendance, but our NC Wolfpack upset Clemson on Thursday…and Florida State on Friday…to make the semifinals on Saturday. Then, the Pack lost to Ga. Tech by three points, but it was a sweet run. Check out the Mark McIntyre slideshow at

And then I jumped on the Duke bandwagon for Sunday's championship game. When you work in Durham, you are allowed to ride the Duke bandwagon. More pix from Jack Morton on

But here’s the big news from the ACC tourney…

Who do you think people were watching? The former ACC superstars in attendance, celebrity coaches, Dickie V, politicians, CEOs? Wrong!

The most watched, most photographed celeb was ESPN reporter, Erin Andrews. She was accompanied by her partner from Dancing with the Stars, Maksim Chmerkovskiy. They were courtside all weekend. Every fan in the Greensboro Coliseum with a camera phone snapped their photo.

(More photos from Getty Images)

So, Greensboro turned out to be exotique after all - the intersection of hoops and Hollywood!