Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grafix & Statz for March Madness

Durham is the home of SportsMEDIA Technology – the company that provides CBS with that all-important graphic on your TV screen that shows the score, game clock and other vital statistics for March Madness.

The firm has won fifteen Emmys for technical achievement and performance, that according to an interesting piece in Saturday’s News and Observer. Check it out! Consider all of the work that goes into something we pretty much take for granted.

SportsMEDIA does the same for NBC football, the NBA on Turner, ESPN’s NASCAR broadcasts and the regional broadcasts of the Yankees and Red Sox.

SportsMEDIA has generously donated its baseball system to Post 50, the Explorer post that produces the Durham Bulls television broadcasts. That’s their work across the top of the screen…

Another March Madness note: The SportsMEDIA system feeds real-time stats to the announcing crew throughout the game. Did you really think those guys could talk and do math at the same time?!?