Thursday, April 22, 2010

Opening Day...for the arts

There’s more to life than baseball, and I must post a few words about the NC Museum of Art. NCMA’s new 127,000 square foot expansion opens to the public this weekend. It’s an incredible transformation. (I’ve been fortunate enough to get a couple of sneak previews.)

The galleries, gardens, new acquisitions, the overall presentation…they are stunning. The new building is as much a testament to imagination and creativity as is the museum’s content.

Some of us fondly refer to our community as Mayberry. Our sense of place is somewhat understated compared to our million plus population, but Andy, Aunt Bee and Opie are in agreement: WE HAVE A WORLD CLASS MUSEUM!

Congratulations to Museum Director Larry Wheeler. He’s a visionary and NC’s impresario of the arts. Regarding the latter, he’s no art snob. Larry has a special knack for art interpretation and accessibility. He understands how to connect regular folks with art.

…so join us this summer for a ball game, and be sure to put a visit to the NC Museum of Art on your itinerary. The DBAP and the NCMA are a mere 20 miles/24 minutes apart, per Google maps.

Meanwhile, I suggest that you
spend some time on the NCMA’s web site. Take a virtual tour. And check out the special coverage - video, slideshows, stories - at