Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Mission

I attended a sports management conference in Orlando last month. The subject matter was pretty technical: green technology, security, construction, digital media.

However, we received profound, platinum advice from two customer service gurus:

Pat Williams – Sr. VP of the Orlando Magic
Love your work. Have passion for it. Create fun!

Richard Andersen – EVP/GM of Petco Park (San Diego Padres)
Your work has a spiritual dimension. You may be on the verge of creating someone’s love affair with baseball. You are in the business of making memories.

I must confess that those notes already had been filed away. Then, these e-mails (excerpts) arrived after our April 3rd Spring Training Showdown:

…the boys and I
wanted to extend our sincere thanks for a wonderful time…they couldn't stop talking about it and
Christopher grabbed his glove just as soon as we got home!

Aaron comes to most of the home games and talks about the Bulls to anyone who will stand still long enough…one could say he loves everything pure about the game.

…a very special and memorable time.

As the Durham Bulls 2010 season begins, I’m clear about our purpose and mission!

The seeds of a love affair with baseball.

Evan Longoria making memories at the DBAP.