Friday, June 25, 2010

Bulls on MLB Network - Monday!

Monday afternoon the Bulls go coast-to-coast. Durham vs. Lehigh Valley is the featured afternoon game on the MLB Network.

Over 50 million homes. 43 cable and satellite providers. Whoa!

Also, I’m proud to report that the game will be in High Definition, a first for Minor League Baseball on the MLB Net.

We take HD for granted these days, but it is not a simple undertaking. Time Warner provides a fiber link from the ballpark in Durham to Microspace Communications in north Raleigh…where the game is uplinked to a satellite…and then pulled down in NYC at the MLB Network.

…but I’ve saved the best for last:

Our TV is produced by an Explorer Post, a cadre of dedicated high school students. It’s known as Post 50, sponsored by Fox50 TV and the Bulls. These young folks get big-time, real world broadcast production experience, and Monday’s telecast will be a nice addition to their resumes!

THANKS to Fox50 Chief Engineer Jim Gamble, Bonnie Southard McNay at Microspace Communications and our friends at Time Warner Cable for helping to make this historic, nationwide broadcast possible.