Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Recognizin' the Racers

A team of cyclists representing the Bull City and Durham Cares is racing from California to Maryland. The Race Across America begins June 12th in Oceanside CA and ends in Annapolis. This is serious cycling: 24 hours a day for eight days.

You can participate...ride with them in spirit...on a stationary bike at the American Tobacco campus. Check out the Durham Cares website for more info on the race and the local fund raiser.

That's Henry Kaestner of Durham Cares and Bandwidth Inc. We gave the team a send off at the DBAP on Tuesday evening. Click here for the video from WRAL TV5.

...and there's another BIG event - Race for the Cure - this Saturday at Meredith College in Raleigh. News anchor and the leader of TEAM WRAL, Pam Saulsby, was at the ballpark Wednesday evening raising awareness and sponsorship dollars.

TV5's Pam Saulsby on the BIG screen at the DBAP.