Sunday, August 29, 2010

Record Breakin' Bulls

My Blackberry pinged Sunday afternoon...with BIG NEWS:

The South Division Champs are at home 8/30-9/6. It's our last home stand of the 2010 season. We're playing division rivals Charlotte, Gwinnett and Norfolk across the week. Make the Bulls part of your Labor Day weekend. Fireworks on Friday and Saturday. The Monday holiday game is at 1:05.

...but that's not all: Our first play-off game at home will be Friday night, 9/10. Often, our play-off games fall during the week. It's great to have a Friday night game. I'm looking forward to a BIG, LOUD Bull City crowd.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ other news: The Atlantic Coast Conference has unveiled the logo for the 2011 ACC Baseball Tournament at the DBAP. I'm pleased that it features the iconic Bull as we host ACC baseball fans from Boston to Miami. This will look very good on a t-shirt:

Another 2011 date of import is Monday, May 9th. The Bulls will play a retro game at the storied Durham Athletic Park. Our 2010 return to the DAP was a tremendous success. MiLB and the City of Durham encouraged us to make it an annual event. I was reluctant - thought it might lose its magic - but I came to my senses! Click here for the news release about the DAP game and our 2011 schedule.

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to Bulls Head Groundskeeper Scott Strickland. He received the International League Turf Manager of the Year Award last Wednesday. It's hard for southern teams to win this award. Bermuda grass fields don't always compare favorably to fescue turf (used in the northern states) as the summer wears on. And we make it hard on Scott...72 regular season games and another 30+ events during the year. That's a lot of wear and tear on the field, but this season, Scott's award-winning turf is thick and green. He's the Baron of Bermuda...the Duke of Dirt...the Earl of Irrigation...

Goodmon Field - resting comfortably - last Friday afternoon.

Front office humor: Scott deserves a parade!