Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Manager of the Year

"I feel just like a kid. I'm about to call my mom and dad and tell them I won manager of the year. It means a lot to me."

That’s what Bulls’ manager Charlie Montoyo told the Herald-Sun Tuesday when the International League announced its 2010 awards. [Click here to check out the paper’s coverage.] The Bulls received several awards, but I'm compelled to type a few extra words about Charlie.

The man is selfless. That virtue defines his leadership style. We can learn from him.

If a top shelf coach demanded passion, hard work and commitment as player attributes, we would all nod in agreement. With Charlie, however, there’s a high level of reciprocity. How he treats his players seems to be just as important as what he expects from them.

  • Everyone plays on a Montoyo squad. You don’t languish in the dugout or clubhouse. You get your chance; you take your turn.
  • Charlie revels with his players when they’re called up. He understands the objective, shares their joy and takes the roster changes in stride.

In business, are we really excited when our best employees receive job offers? Do we engage everyone to the best of their abilities? Don’t we leave folks sitting on the bench?

Mentoring people for the “call-up.” Playing everyone. Sounds risky from a business perspective…but it sure works for Charlie on the field.

  • And he’s determined to win. Believe it or not, that’s not always important to minor league managers. Their agenda is set by the parent club. The job has a lot to do with getting individual players ready for the next step. We’ve been fortunate with both of our great managers, Bill Evers and Charlie Montoyo, that playing to win is part of their DNA…part of their teaching regimen.

So, Charlie Montoyo puts his players first, plays to win…and Charlie Montoyo is Manager of the Year.

Photo credit: Associated Press; Montoyo at Spring Training, 2010