Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fallen Hero

Suddenly, I'm feeling self-conscious at the Y in my well-worn LIVESTRONG Nikes. They are pretty beat up...just like Lance Armstrong's legacy.

My shoes aside, I recommend this poignant blog from the Bulls' former marketing chief, Matt DeMargel, on the subject of heroes. 

Lance Armstrong inspired Matt to take up cycling, to lose 100 pounds, to help organize cycling events that raised tens of thousand of dollars for Habitat. 

...if there was never a Lance Armstrong story, I am likely a type 2 diabetic today. I never discover a love for cycling. I don’t lose all that weight. I prepare to turn 40 as my body starts giving out on me. I’m another casualty of obesity. So how am I supposed to feel?

Click here for Matt's blog:  Thanks, Lance. Now please go away.