Thursday, October 1, 2009

DBAP Vibrancy & Camaraderie

The Durham County Board of Commissioners extended official congratulations to the Bulls on Monday night...approving a resolution that recognizes our National Championship.

Bulls' GM Mike Birling and I attended the meeting. We lugged the big trophy into the Commissioners' chamber. It weighs more than a Hyundai! And we gave them Championship T-shirts. (You have to be careful with gifts for public officials. I don't think anyone's integrity was compromised.)

Of course, the Triple-A title is great, but the resolution hit on something of equal importance. It recognizes the Bulls for bringing a sense of vibrancy and hometown camaraderie to downtown Durham. That's something we try to do year 'round! Thank you.

Read the entire resolution for a Bulls' history lesson and brief season recap. I believe the commissioners' clerk is a wannabe sports writer.