Thursday, November 19, 2009

Duke at the DBAP

Duke will be moving its ACC baseball games off-campus and into the Durham Bulls Athletic Park in 2010. While the pros are in Spring Training, we'll have college ball in the DBAP!

This adds more baseball to the entertainment mix in the American Tobacco Historic District, and it should entice more Duke students to downtown Durham...
where the University already has a significant presence.

Read the story at - click here. And check out the video clips as the key players tell the story:

Capitol Broadcasting Co. & Bulls President/CEO Jim Goodmon. Jim attended Duke. It just dawned on me...maybe there's a connection???

Duke Head Baseball Coach Sean McNally. Sean's a Duke grad and played Minor League ball at the DBAP.

Duke President Richard Broadhead. We're making him our honorary historian!

College baseball at the DBAP is not new to us. For the past three years we've hosted NC Central's new baseball team. The sport was added as the Eagles move up to Division I. NCCU is relocating to its permanent home, the refurbished Durham Athletic Park, a project that went into overtime. We've enjoyed working with Central's baseball coach, Dr. Henry White and Associate AD George "Bulldog" Smith. I envy his nickname!

(My only reservation about the college game in our ballpark is those #$@! aluminum bats...or is it kryptonite? That metallic ping reverberates off the steel beams and brick walls; it's like fingernails on a blackboard. Sorry, I'm old school. It just ain't right.)

Durham is known as the City of Medicine, but it has become the City of Baseball as well. The Bulls, Duke, NCCU and USA Baseball will play in downtown Durham during 2010. You can't have too much of a good thing.

PS - I want to recognize Bulls' GM Mike Birling and Duke's Sr. Assoc. AD Boo Corrigan. They're the guys who hammered out this partnership along with our Head Groundskeeper Scott Strickland. Scott has to get the field ready for play in February and nurture our turf into the spring and summer. It's a tall order.

From left: Birling, Corrigan, Strickland