Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cancelled: Cheesehead Alert

We’re relieved. Mike Birling returned to the office Tuesday after his Super Bowl odyssey. He’s pretty much on cloud nine after the Packers' win, but Mike has horror stories about the long lines, prices and poor customer service.

I heard ESPN’s NFL Insider John Clayton give Super Bowl XLV a grade of D. Ouch! I haven’t heard any apologies from Jerry Jones, though. He built a grand stadium, but it appears they have some work to do on logistics and hospitality. Even DFW can get too big for its britches?

Actually, the Super Bowl is an NFL event. A New York Times blogger takes the league to task: League's Greed Left No Room for the Fans. ("Must you inhale every nickel? Must you charge $200 for fans to stand outside the stadium and watch on large screens?")

Another one of my cheesehead co-workers who made the trip says it was incredibly exciting and frustrating at the same time. “It's not something I'll do again unless it is FREE and totally VIP.” He confessed that he would relax those high standards if the Packers were playing. I’m not surprised.