Saturday, October 20, 2012

Continuing Ed & Baseball

You might be surprised to learn that Minor League Baseball has a continuing education requirement. A team owner's representative and the club's GM are required to attend Minor League Baseball University at MiLB HQ in St. Petersburg FL. I attended last week. (You might be surprised to learn that I graduated!)

I have a new appreciation for our league office; it's formally known as the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues. The Major League offices - MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL - are regularly in the sports headlines, and those associations are a mere 30-33 teams each. Minor League Baseball is comprised of 19 leagues and 240 teams. Maintaining order among those independently owned entities in North America, Mexico, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic is a serious undertaking.

The New Era Cap Wall at MiLB HQ
The very best cap and logo!