Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Opening Day - The Untold Story

I had reservations about Opening Day throughout the winter...just didn't like the idea of opening on a Monday.

Lesson learned: Any day of the week is a great day for baseball! 

We had perfect weather, a great crowd, grand festivities, a classic walk-off win and fireworks. What was I thinkin'!?! It was a great evening in the Bull City!

WRAL TV5 News camped out at the ballpark...covered every aspect of the game. Check out the slideshow and videos at wral.com.

There is, however, one untold story from Monday. Allow me to take you behind the scenes...

Late last year, we discovered that two foxes had moved into the DBAP. They made their home in the batter's eye, that sylvan oasis in center field. 

We were committed to a humane capture. Wool E. Bull wouldn't have it any other way, but the foxes took good advantage of that...very elusive. We nabbed one of them prior to Opening Day, but the remaining fox joined us for Monday's game. I believe that the fireworks show was the animal's undoing. The Fox had avoided the trap (a cage) during the game (we were checking it) but it must have become a bit frantic during the post-game pyrotechnics. Poor judgment ensued, and under duress, it took the bait. We outfoxed the fox!

The fox was released on a farm well outside the city limits.